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FrenchTech Berlin lets you discover French startup Affluences, which tackles queuing and turnout problems in public spaces such as libraries or museums. Born in Paris, with its fresh design and its smooth use, the app has quickly become a must-have for any Parisian. And looks now to extend beyond the borders of the City of Light.

What do you offer?

Tired of queuing ? Affluences is your best ally to plan your work sessions or visits ahead. It's just the same as real time weather forecasting, but for queuing time and occupancy in museums and libraries.  

What is your vision? Moto?

Affluences is the app that helps you organizing your time, whether you want to study in a public library, visit a museum or go to an administration. 

What inspired you to set up this business?

Paul, cofounder of Affluences, was still a student when he realized how much time he was losing between queuing to enter public libraries and looking for a seat. Two of his closest friends shared the exact same problem, so they decided to join forces, and that's how Affluences got created. 

How did you come up with this name?

Affluence in French is derived from latin "affluentia", which meant abundance but now refers to turnout or crowd. Since our main challenge is to tackle excessive turnout and queuing, the name was pretty obvious to us.  

What was your most challenging situation so far?

Probably translating our website, app and every documents in German ;)

What was your most exciting one?

Meeting librarians from all over Germany and introducing them to our solution.

What are you looking for at the moment?

We are expanding Affluences in Germany so any library, museum, administration, which would like to better manage their turnout is welcome to drop me an email at 

Any success stories to share?

In 2014, we met with one of the biggest Parisian library far from the city center and everyone was telling us, don't waste time, it will be closed soon. No one wants to go there. Anyway, they trusted us and appeared on our app in 2015. Thanks to its opening hours it soon became one of the most looked up library on Affluences and we received hundreds of feedbacks from students who were so happy to discover it. In 2018, the library is still open and received one of the most important renovation work for a library in ten years. 

What do you like the most in Berlin?

Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city, I love meeting so many different people every day. 

And ... what do you miss the most from France?

Une boulangerie of course... If you know a good bakery in Berlin please tell me, I'm still looking for one! ;)

Aflluences was born in August 2014 in Paris. It has now 16 employees with offices in Barcelona and Berlin.


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