What do you offer ?

We are coworkers, creating a network of freelancers, startups & small businesses working out of coworking spaces.

What is your vision ? Moto?

We are the first platform for coworkers to connect in their city and beyond!

What inspired you to set up this business?

We both met in a coworking space (The Place formerly Rainmaking Loft) where I was the General Manager and Dimitar was Entrepreneur in Residence for Startupbootcamp. As The Place is a startup-only coworking space, we realized that members were always struggling to find other people like Accountants, Designers, Content writers. Around The Place, there are at least 5 others coworking spaces that are full of those talents so we decided to build the first coworkers network that can connect people across coworking spaces.

What’s was most challenging situation so far?

Running a startup while bootstrapping is a challenge but a good one! It pushes us to be creative and constantly innovate and try new things.. 

Your most exciting?

The travels we are doing! We visit the world of coworking and have been so far to 283 coworking spaces in 30 cities. It’s very exciting to meet so many inspiring people and hear so many interesting stories!

Any success stories to share?

We are currently working with more than 430 spaces in 190 cities around the world! We are super proud to have so many great spaces with very different stories and perspective that are joining the glocal(global and local) coworking community!
Anyone interested in our story can read our blog: and check out our coworking magazine as well:

Created in : 

We created the company in February 2016 and launched our alpha version in the summer 2016. (on a ferry boat between Stockholm and Helsinki with barely any internet, #truestory)

Team Size : 

We are 2 co-founders. Dimitar who is Chief of Product and myself Chief Executive Officer.

Where are you based?

          Berlin, Germany

We do not have one coworking space but we work from many :)

How did you came up with this name?

Looking for a name was quite a brainstorming! We were looking for something that’s easy to say in any language but that also means something to people and include somehow a co like in coworking and coworkies. And after many trials, one of us dropped Coworkies (coworking communities) and it was a crush! We tested it among friends from different countries to make sure they pronounce it right and then we just adopted it.

What are you looking for?

Coworkers, Coworking Spaces AND companies interested in the Future of work and workspaces! If someone read our interview and want to know more, write me an email, I would love to connect!

What do you like the most in Berlin?

So many things! But if I have to pick one, I would say this strong sense of freedom that’s floating all around the city. You can be whoever and do (almost) whatever and it feels great to be in a city like that.

What do you miss the most from France?

Probably the pain au chocolat!


Dimitar Inchev 

Chief of Product

Pauline Roussel