What do you offer ?

Productive Mobile uses software robots to connect to any application or workflow, which can also be used to automate steps or orchestrate different applications in the background. This enables us to simplify the lives of employees across a variety of use cases, ranging from approval processes in HR, work order systems in operations to workflows in procurement.

What is your vision ? Moto?

Making work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive

What inspired you to set up this business?

When I started my career in the largest car rental company globally, I underwent a 3 weeks full-time training just to be able to work with the CRM that was used at the time.

10 years later, I still see employees struggling with bad software in large organizations.

What’s was most challenging situation so far?

Cracking the complexity around acquiring & servicing large enterprises as customers. 

Your most exciting?

Very often our customers describe our technology as magic. They have never seen anything like it. That's always great to hear.

Created in :  2014

Team Size : 15

Where are you based? Berlin

How did you came up with this name?

We were not very creative, making people productive on Mobile was what we started with so we kept it simple by choosing ProductiveMobile

What's your last update? 

We raised 3,4M€ with the best VC in Germany ! Check out our press release:

Any success stories to share?

We have made the lives of thousands of employees easier at companies like Porsche, Ergo, Innogy & Merck 

What are you looking for?

We are hiring great people in tech/design/sales

What do you like the most in Berlin?

How international the city has become !

What do you miss the most from France?

Food & Culture ;-)


Yann Le Gouic

Co-Founder & COO

Anthony Hsiao

Co-Founder & CEO