What do you offer ?

We are a CivicTech and Smart Cities platform that connects government with their citizens to better shape society.

What is your vision ? Moto?

We use technology as a tool for re-empowerment. We equip government with the means to constructively collaborate with their citizens, and ensure that people's voices are heard, enabling them to take better decisions together in a more transparent and effective way. 

What inspired you to set up this business?

The idea began when our CEO Benjamin was studying for his MPP at the Hertie School of Governance; many of his peers were formulating ways in which they could help improve health policy, fix the education system or transform transportation infrastructure. But to him, there seemed to be a much larger problem to tackle, one which would help fix all these specialised governmental problems more effectively: that is the ways in which governments takes decisions. By connecting directly with their citizens, governments can be more transparent about the decision-making process, and also crowdsource ideas from their citizens. Chloe, our VP of BizDev, who had seen the potential for social media to transform the political sphere, and our CTO, Nicolas, is passionate about creating and nurturing communities. The idea for Civocracy became a fully formulated one: an online platform where government could engage with the communities to get validation of policy and co-create projects in an open and constructive way.

What’s was most challenging situation so far?

The process of learning exactly what our clients need and trying to untangle which challenges were individual to each city, and which were universal, so we could effectively build a programme and platform that offered the greatest amount of value cities globally. It was really useful to be working in France, Germany and the Netherlands, as it allowed us to structure everything more comprehensively. 

Your most exciting?

We publicly launched our educational programme Territoires Fédérateurs at a press conference in Paris last month. The inaugural programme features Sicoval, Auvergne, Strasbourg and Guyane. The content has been designed to answer public-sector workers question and concerns around citizen participation, and empowers them to undertake it more effectively and efficiently. Through this, we are creating a network of cities who are able to learn from each other. As well as hosting workshops on digital communication methods and how to measure impact, we’ve also brought in partners such as Voxe, who are able to discuss how to grow youth engagement in politics.

Created in :  May 2015

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Where are you based?


How did you came up with this name?

Civic x democracy = Civocracy

Any success stories to share?

Most recently, we assisted Ville de Lyon around restructuring the school week following the education reform in France. We spend a day identifying their specific needs, and formulated a discussion on the platform accordingly. In order to have a successful outcome they required contributions from a range of specific demographics, including teachers, students, child psychologists and parents. We used our online and offline expertise to get responses from these clusters of society, and used our machine learning algorithms to analyse these inputs. We were then able to place weightings on each demographic, based on the value of their perspective, to offer an in depth report of recommendations. They’ve since concluded, thanks to the contributions, that the placement of extra curricular activities in school week should remain as they are. It was inspiring to see how motived the wider community were to contribute to the discussion - this was hugely helped by how open and communicative the public officials in Lyon were. 

What are you looking for?

At the moment, we’re looking for front- and back-end developers!

What do you like the most in Berlin?

We love the international culture, creative energy, and mix of people with different passions. It’s a city that really allows people to thrive.

What do you miss the most from France?

The food! It’s the one thing we all talk about when we come back from client visits. Our Project Manager Madeline is going to work with the government in Guyane next month, and we cannot wait to hear what she eats!


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