Startup of the Month

What do you offer ?

Smarter and Faster Customer Service

What is your vision ? Moto?

Customer Service is taking the center stage, in a digital world it is the main, if not the only interface of customers long before and after the act of purchase.

Today, with a better use of the Customer Service data, we help to enhance the efficiency of Customer Service to prevent the churn due to poor service. Retention is one thing, but we also want to help them better selling and upselling to new and existing customers.

The infrastructure we're building and the data we are collecting will allow us to better report to Product Development and Marketing teams about what customers are complaining about. We want to bridge the gap, to create the missing feedback loop between Customer Service and Product and Marketing teams, for an overall better customer experience.

What inspired you to set up this business?

The frustration I developed over my 15 years managing Customer Service organizations: I wanted to make more data-driven decisions and better fuel my stakeholders with insights upon what customers were reporting but I neither had time to collect the data, nor any resources to do it nor even the right skills to get the right info. I was then making sub-optimal decisions. Additionally, I was frustrated with the amount of time my teams were wasting on repetitive tasks, or searching for the right information.

What’s was most challenging situation so far?

For months, especially in the beginning, our biggest challenge was that we were a team with strong domain and technical expertise but very little experience with Sales and Marketing. Our approach was not really efficient and our message was not very clear.

We have to and we want to develop quickly, so even if we're quick learners, I'm glad that we can now afford to have on board people with real expertise in these fields. We're actually hiring a Head of Sales and just found our Head of Marketing..

Your most exciting?

Each new contract we sign with a customer is exciting, not just because it's money for the company but because we know we're helping them solve real problems.

Created in :  April 2016

Team Size : 


Where are you based?

We're a distributed European team. One of our co-founders is Italien and leaves in Spain, another one is Spanish and leaves in France and I am the French one and I leave in Germany. We have a developer in Andorra and our Head of Marketing is in Hungary. Not everyone could work in such setup, but it works well for us.

How did you came up with this name?

A "iuro" in latin is a swear against a medical prescription. There is a lot of swears in Customer Service so I subfixed "iuro" with an "S" and we want to reduce, minimize them so I prefixed "iuro" with an "M": "M-iuro-S".

Any success stories to share?

We recently had a chance to benchmark with one of one of our biggest competitors and we were delighted to learn that we are delivering better results in terms of recommendations and that users actually prefer working with our solution.

What are you looking for?

We are fundraising. Half of the round is already committed and we are looking for additional investors to close this seed round by the end of Q1 2018.

What do you like the most in Berlin?

Mostly the creative atmosphere of the city but also the fact that it is a capital city without most of the inconveniences of others (pollution, traffic congestion, high cost of life).

What do you miss the most from France?

The food of course !


Benoit Gagnon


Ricardo de Aldama

Head of Data Science

Daniele Alfarone