What do you offer ?

A community based, cloud-connected live music recording solution.

What is your vision ? Moto?

Make live music recording painless, automatized, distributed, programmable, for the benefit of the artists and the venues.

What inspired you to set up this business?

After more than 10 years working in the music industry ( as live music artists, event promoters, sound engineers ) we experienced the pain of recording our own concerts. Buying a personal recorder, set it up in the dark, 90% of time ended-up having a battery problem or a bad sound quality. The editing and publishing process was also kinda long and tricky. Being tired of the situation and with the help of our common skills and knowledge, we decided to tackle this problem and started to work on Cloub.

What’s was most challenging situation so far?

Deploying the Alpha version of our product as a B2C service then realizing that we had to totally rethink the usage of our product 2 months later, as it didn’t fit exactly our customers’s expectations was a big challenge, but we acquired some priceless insights and feedbacks that helped us to build the solution as it is today. A flexible professional tool, fitting a wide variety of use cases.

Your most exciting?

Being able to implement all the great features we have in mind, made possible by the centralized database and the global network we’re developing is a totally exciting challenge. Re-think the way how things are in the music industry nowadays, push the boundaries and propose with the help of new technologies, a more direct and transparent connection between venues, artists and the public.

Created in :  January 2017

Team Size : 

We’re 3 co-founders, 1 advisor and 2 freelancers, all good friends !

Where are you based?

Berlin / Paris / Lisbon

How did you came up with this name?

Cloub is the contraction of Cloud for Clubs, a simple word play.

Any success stories to share?

When 9 out of the 10 most influential targeted clubs for our Alpha deployment were totally welcoming our vision, it was a big relief for all of us and made us believe a little bit more in ourselves and in our solution. We’re getting great feedbacks so far from many different actors, festivals, web-radios, clubs, concert halls, we’re discovering step by step the diversity of our market and that’s super motivating.

What are you looking for?

We’re looking for strong partners able to embrace our vision. Create or find existing synergies with very specific music-tech companies (Fingerprinting, meta datas, AI, VR, Blockchain…)

What do you like the most in Berlin?

The city itself, the parks, the very open minded spirit and concentration of interesting brains and ideas.

What do you miss the most from France?

No doubt, Les boulangeries !


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